I am an Irish girl (a bit obvious?).  I am from the south west of Ireland – from a fairly large city, considered so in Ireland anyway.  I am a pretty private person, funnily enough, here I am writing about myself on the internet…

I would describe myself as a “quitter” – someone who begins projects, sports, other hobbies but quits. This is one of the main reasons I have decided to write a blog post everyday for a year – I am determined to follow it through – whether I have 0 subscribers/readers or 1000 – this is a personal task for myself, I would love if other people enjoyed it aswell though.  As a child, my parents enrolled me for countless activities – hockey (I lasted about a year), stage school(I last well in that one – about 6 years!), basketball (about 6 months), gymnastics (1 day! a record!), speech and drama (1 year) and many many more!

The one thing I did half stick with was music – at  the age of 6 I took up piano lessons at our local school of music – I did piano for 4 years and went through 3 teachers! It was not for me! My first piano teacher told my mother that I was very talented at music but was lazy.  I gave up piano and took up the classical flute, 2 years after that I took up the cello aswell – I am still playing both of those – that, I am proud of! In my leaving cert (last school exams that basically decide your future) I ended up getting somewhere between 95  – 100% in my music practical – shame the rest of my subjects weren’t as good…..

My other hobby, a pretty new one is dog showing – I got my first purebred dog from a reputable show breeder in Scotland,  a male maltese puppy in July 2009 – in November 2009 we had our first show – he didn’t take to showing until he was 10 months old,in March 2010 – its now May 2010 – he has won some few prizes – who knows where this hobby will go.  I love spending time and bonding with my dog but to be honest show people are BITCHES!(although I have met a few nice ones) and and anyone who knows maltese dogs – keeping them in full coat is extremely difficult!

Thats it! Maybe I’ll edit this in a while….



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