#1 – Write a blog post everyday for a year? The beginning…

10 05 2010

Well, here I am – my first post on my first blog.     I have just chosen an online ” alias” – ” irishgirl29 ”  – “irishgirl” was already taken – I sure hope its being put to good use as I can’t have it!  Why did I choose “irishgirl29”? Well, pretty simple –  I’m Irish and I was born on the 29th of the month, pretty boring –  but hey, you can’t have an exciting name and an exciting blog!

I have no idea if anyone besides myself will even read this. If it so happens that someone is reading this now – well, that would be you – I apologies now for my pretty bad writing skills – I was only a “just above average English student” in school. I’m sure this blog will only be my own ramblings, stupid stories and just my thoughts.

I plan to write a entry into my blog every single day for a year – May 10 2010 – May 10 2011.

I hope I can succeed – even if no one ever reads any, I guess I will always have them.

Thanks for reading!

Thats it for day #1!